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Cardtronics Acquires ATM Software Developer

HOUSTON -- Cardtronics Inc. has acquired i-design Group PLC through its indirectly wholly owned subsidiary Cardtronics Creative UK Ltd.

Scotland-based i-design provides technology and services to transform ATM screens and receipts into delivery devices for interactive customer communications by financial institutions, as well as advertising space for retailers, third-party advertisers and independent ATM owners, according to Cardtronics.

"In a world where consumer attention seems forever fixed on a screen — smartphones, TVs, tablets, laptops, etc. — it's important to remember the attention-getting quality of a screen known to all demographics, the ATM screen," stated Cardtronics CEO Steve Rathgaber. "Because an ATM transaction is all about that person's money, they're going to pay extra close attention to that screen. And with tens of thousands of ATMs under Cardtronics' direct control, plus our existing relationships with 1,200 financial institutions and name-brand retailers on two continents, i-design finds its ideal home at Cardtronics."

On i-design enhanced ATMs, screensaver loops and screens that might normally display processing messages can deliver targeted marketing/advertising messages or interactive on-screen customer surveys, along with a call-to-action message on the receipt after the transaction.

Rathgaber noted that the acquisition allows Cardtronics to provide an effective and international advertising platform for retailers and advertisers throughout its existing network of 62,800 ATMs.

"Merging with Cardtronics empowers i-design to invest in its marketing software and related services in a way not available to the company in its standalone form, which is outstanding news for our existing customers," said Ana Stewart, founder of i-design. "Going forward, whether it's leveraging Cardtronics' top-tier financial institution relationships to promote our interactive targeted marketing software, or using Cardtronics' ATM fleet as a catalyst to expand our third-party advertising capabilities at key retailers; as a part of Cardtronics, i-design has an opportunity to accelerate its growth, achieve greater scale and expand its leadership on a global basis."

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