Casey's, Hy-Vee Launch Aggressive Fuel Savings Program

ANKENY, Iowa -- Casey's General Stores and Hy-Vee Inc. are launching the new Fuel Saver program, which allows customers to earn discounts on gasoline purchases. Grocery items featured in Hy-Vee's weekly Fuel Saver ad provide discounts, ranging from two to 25 cent per item, are loaded onto a customer's Fuel Saver card upon purchase.

The Fuel Saver card can then be scanned at the pump at Casey's and Hy-Vee locations to "roll down" the price of gas. Customers can save $2 or more per gallon on fuel purchases each week depending on the number of items they buy, according to the announcement.

"Tough economic times continue to put a strain on the family budget, and we're seeing this with our customers and the cost of fuel," said Randy Edeker, chairman and CEO of Hy-Vee. "The typical household today spends nearly $350 per month on gasoline. Anything we can do to help families save at the pump means more money for them to spend on other items they need."

Senior leaders from both companies believe the collaboration between one of the Midwest's largest convenience store chains and one of the region's largest supermarket companies will deliver significant value to customers, the companies said.

This program will reward consumers for everyday grocery purchases with lower prices at the pump," said Casey's President and CEO Robert J. Myers. "Casey's is very excited about this partnership and the expected future benefits to the loyal customers of both Casey's and Hy-Vee."

"Casey's is the perfect partner for the Fuel Saver program," Edeker added. "With more than 1,700 locations, the company is well-positioned to help us deliver value to Hy-Vee customers throughout our trade area."

Starting the week of Nov. 5, 2012, customers can enroll in the Fuel Saver program at any of the 234 Hy-Vee, Hy-Vee Drugstore, Hy-Vee Gas or Hy-Vee Mainstreet stores located in eight Midwestern states. Forty to 50 products will be designated as Fuel Saver items each week. Discounts earned at checkout are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

"This program was designed to make it very easy and convenient for customers to redeem their discounts," stated Myers. "I believe this is also an excellent way to introduce new customers to both Casey's and Hy-Vee."

West Des Moines, Iowa-based Hy-Vee has offered a fuel discount program at its c-stores for many years, Edeker said, but added that the new program provides several advantages for shoppers.

"Fuel Saver allows customers to swipe a card and redeem their discounts right at the pump, which is a convenience many customers have requested," he said. "It also offers the potential for much bigger savings when customers purchase a variety of popular items they use every week."

Employee-owned Hy-Vee Inc. operates 234 retail supermarkets and drug stores.

Ankeny, Iowa-based Casey's owns and operates more than 1,700 c-stores.

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