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CCIS<i>Tech</i> Unveils Reward Gateway Fuel Marketing Program

IRVING, Texas -- CCISTech Inc., which delivers fuel site marketing programs, technology and integration services, has released a program that enables retailers without fuel outlets to cross-market their grocery products with gasoline sold at nearby service stations.

The Windows-based software program, called Reward Gateway, is installed at gas pumps located at traditional gas stations or at convenience stores offering gas. It serves as a bridge for grocery or general merchandise retailers that use CCISTech's Reward Marketing Engine or other loyalty marketing systems like IBM EM and VRMS.

Customers can redeem fuel discounts they have earned after buying select food and general merchandise products. At the nearby participating fuel outlet, they scan their store loyalty card or paper receipts at the pump. The discount is applied by either rolling down the price per gallon or by discounting the total transaction amount by the amount of reward accumulated by the customer.

"Another benefit of the Reward Gateway is the ability to link to multiple credit/debit authorization hosts from a single system," said Scott Wetzel, vice president of marketing and channel development for CCISTech, speaking at the annual National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show in Las Vegas last week. "With Reward Gateway, branded and unbranded fuel stations can bring new customers to their sites by adding the ability to process fleet and other types of cards at their sites. Support for multiple authorization hosts makes it possible for operators to route transactions in the most economical manner possible."

According to Dickson Perry, president and CEO of CCISTech, some of the benefits for all parties include:

* Retailers can offer their customers an unlimited number of fuel station locations without the expense of building and operating outlets themselves.

* Convenience stores and gas station operators gain traffic while discounts are funded by the grocery or general merchandise retailer.

* Consumers earn free gasoline through multiple convenient locations.
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