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Chevron Corp. Approves Gilbarco Passport POS

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Newly renamed Chevron Corp. has approved Gilbarco's Passport as a go-forward point-of-sale system choice for Chevron and Texaco branded retailers. Chevron will become the eighth major oil company network to certify the Passport system, effectively completing coverage for all major oil company brands, the company reported.

"The ability to choose the same POS system for all my stores, regardless of brand, is important to the efficiency of my business," said Dan Waring, president of Waring Oil Company based in Vicksburg, MS, and operating 50 stores in Mississippi and Louisiana that are Chevron, Texaco and Exxon branded.

He continued, "It affects the consistency and quality of the management information I get through my back office system, how I train new employees, how much flexibility I have to move people and equipment from store to store, and the number of suppliers and service providers I have. I clearly prefer working with Gilbarco as a single vendor for equipment on the forecourt and POS."

Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Chevron Texaco expect to complete development of the Passport by mid 2006, when field trials will begin. While the companies develop Passport, Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers a Smart License program for Chevron and Texaco retailers like Waring, who may choose to invest in a Gilbarco G-SITE system today, then migrate to Passport later at a reduced price.

More than 1000 Passport systems are currently operating on seven different major oil company networks, delivering the benefits of Passport's profit-driving functionality.
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