Chevron ExtraMile Hits Franchise Milestone

SAN RAMON, Calif. — The Chevron ExtraMile convenience store banner has reached its 500th franchised location, more than 10 years after opening its first store.

Since unveiling the c-store brand more than a decade ago, the ExtraMile concept has notched steady growth. Today, Chevron has more than 755 company-owned and franchised locations throughout California, Oregon and Washington.

According to Chevron, "the ExtraMile store concept offers franchisees a proven and effective system to help them develop and manage a successful business. Franchisees benefit from the value of the Chevron network, in the areas of cost reduction, efficiencies of scale, marketing and operations support, and technology."

Each ExtraMile location is designed with clean layouts, thoughtful organization and defined food and beverage displays, the company said. The ExtraMile store concept highlights four destination categories that appeal to the c-store consumer including:

  • The HydraZone display, which showcases energy drinks and enhanced beverages at the front of the store.
  • A coffee bar featuring Seattle's Best Coffee, specialty coffee drinks and coffeehouse-inspired flavors.
  • The ExtraMile Hot Food Program which offers a range of food choices, from sausages and brats to nachos and taquitos, as well as fresh sandwiches, salads and fruit, and heat-and-eat offers. 
  • A wide range of in-store offerings that includes a large selection of tobacco products.

In May, Chevron ExtraMile launched its "Extras. Every day." campaign, featuring ExtraMile's biggest mascot ExtraMan. The ExtraMan mascot is a tongue-in-cheek, masked superhero that knows the "heavy" convenience store shopper well because he is one, as CSNews Online previously reported.

"He knows what they like. He knows what they want. And he knows they may not think about things like a clean store, well-organized shelves and friendly employees, but they appreciate them just the same," the company said.

Chevron Products Co. is a division of San Ramon-based Chevron USA Inc.

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