Chevron Helps Salvation Army Kettles Overflow

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Chevron Helps Salvation Army Kettles Overflow

YUMA, Ariz. -- With the help of local Chevron stores, the Yuma County chapter of The Salvation Army sold more red kettle paper medallions this holiday season than every other participating community in the U.S. combined, the Yuma Sun reported.

For nearly two months, Chevron customers bought and signed their names on paper Salvation Army Red Kettles. Many Chevron convenience stores throughout Yuma County sold so many paper kettles that their walls were covered from floor to ceiling.

Chevron customers raised 50 percent more for The Salvation Army this holiday than last year, according to Jonathan Harvey, captain for The Salvation Army of Yuma County. A total of $15,000 was raised this year compared with $10,000 during the 2007 holiday.

"When we optimistically placed the order for 15,000 paper kettles, we were told by the company that they would have to complete a special run just for us," Harvey said. The company that manufactures the paper kettles did not expect to sell that many to all the participating Salvation Army units in the entire nation combined, he added.

The idea behind the campaign was to make it convenient for customers to contribute to The Salvation Army's Boys and Girls Club while at their local Chevron station. "We're incredibly grateful to Chevron customers for making it a successful campaign," Harvey said.

During the post-holiday season, The Salvation Army continues to serve more than 100 cooked meals per day to low-income families, as well as provide after-school education and recreation for 200 children a day, he told the Yuma Sun.