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Chevron Unveils New Gift Card Programs

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Chevron Corp.'s Credit Card Enterprises (CCE) launched its Chevron and Texaco Consumer Gift Card program at retail locations across the United States. Designed to build customer loyalty and offer a convenient payment method, the electronic gift cards -- previously available to businesses only -- will enable consumers to pay up to $100 in advance for future purchases of Chevron products. In addition to the introduction of gift cards for consumers, Chevron has enhanced its existing Business Gift Card program with new features.

The new Chevron and Texaco Consumer Gift Cards can be purchased at any value between $5 and $100 -- not just fixed amounts -- allowing consumers more flexibility in matching the cards to their needs. Consumers can use the gift cards to purchase any Chevron products -- gas, snacks and services -- at the gas pump or inside retail stores at both Chevron and Texaco stations (supplied by Chevron).

"We are excited to introduce the new Chevron gift card programs to our customers and retailers who have been asking for prepaid gift cards," said Danny Roden, vice president, North America marketing for Chevron. "Unlike most of the competition, our gift card programs provide customers with the desired convenience and added flexibility to choose the value of the card and reload for repeated use."

The consumer gift cards are reloadable so value can be added to the card at any time. Consumers can use the gift cards as an effective budgeting tool, or give to teenagers who are away at college to ensure that they always have gas money. Chevron gift cards can also be used as gifts for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

Launched back in December 2003, the Chevron Business Gift Card program has been improved to help grow volume and drive incremental sales at Chevron and Texaco branded stations. The Business Gift Card program is targeted at companies to utilize for promotional purposes, usually for customer recognition, appreciation promotions or employee rewards. The newly enhanced business gift cards are now available for purchase at any value. They are reloadable for continued use, and have few product restrictions for pay-at-the-pump or in-store. Additionally, the dual-branded business gift cards may be used by Scrip Programs, so each purchase can help worthy causes like local school programs.

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