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The Chill Factor

ST. LOUIS -- Anheuser-Busch (A-B) introduced a "Chill Chamber" refrigeration system that allows its beer to be chilled to 22 degrees Fahrenheit -- 10 degrees below freezing -- without solidifying. A-B partnered with the Hussman Corp., a business unit of Ingersoll Rand, to produce the "ultra-cold" cooler that is available to retailers.

"We know today's consumers want choices -- and they like their beer cold," said Gary Goldstein, vice president of on-premise national retail sales for A-B. "Innovation is key to reaching new consumers and increasing customer satisfaction. The Chill Chamber provides a distinct point of difference that offers consumers a unique beer drinking experience. It is another example of our commitment to bring new tools to the industry."

Traditional coolers are not able to chill the beer to such temperatures without freezing it. The Chill Chamber's technology not only keeps the beer liquid, but it stays colder for an average of 17 minutes longer than conventional refrigeration, the company stated. The unit also displays the digital temperature to customers and uses glass doors that were manufactured to eliminate condensation, allowing for product display.

"Hussmann has more than 100 years of experience in the development of refrigeration and food preservation systems," said John Gialouris, president of retail solutions for Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies Sector. "The Chill Chamber utilizes the latest technology to help give consumers what they want -- ultra cold beer. We are pleased to introduce this new technology with a premier company like Anheuser-Busch."

The Chill Chamber comes in various sizes -- single chamber, double chamber and counter chamber -- and are designed to hold aluminum and plastic bottles. Single chambers hold 10.5 cases of the aluminum bottles, while double chambers hold 26.5 cases of aluminum or 30 cases of 16-ounce plastic bottles. The counter chamber holds 2.5 cases of aluminum bottles and convenience-style models are available that hold three cases of aluminum bottles.

Additional information about the Chill Chamber can be found at or by calling 800-957-6918.

In other A-B news, all of the company's branded Web sites, such as, will implement an independent age-verification system for visitors. Bud.TV, an online entertainment network that launches in February, will also make use of the independent system.

"As a maker of an adult product, we have always directed our marketing to our customers, adults of legal drinking age, 21 and older," said Tony Ponturo, vice president of global media and sports marketing for A-B. "This has included asking adults to enter their birth date to gain access to our web sites. Emerging technology for independent age verification now allows us to more precisely identify adult visitors to our sites without inconveniencing them."

A-B is in talks with several age-verification companies, however, a single vendor has not been named. The company plans to have the system in place for all its sites in February 2007.