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Chocolate Cake Twinkies

Hostess has also reinvented and renamed the Chocodile.

Hostess introduces Chocolate Cake Twinkies, a new offering that comes in the same iconic Twinkie shape, but is made with chocolate cake and a creamy filling. Chocolate Cake Twinkies were launched following blind taste tests in which consumers showed enthusiasm for the product, according to the company. Also driven by consumer feedback, Hostess has reinvented the Chocodile, a Twinkie enrobed in a smooth fudge layer. Renaming it the Fudge Covered Twinkie, the product now is a larger size and has a higher crème-to-cake ratio, an intensified fudge coating, and a modified shape. Both new items are available nationwide in single-serve, twin-pack and multi-pack formats.

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