Choice Market Launches New Menu Focused on Local Ingredients

Choice Market logo

DENVER — Choice Market introduced a new menu that celebrates locally grown ingredients and brighter, seasonal vegetables on May 17.

The menu features spring ingredients at their finest with locally grown asparagus, quinoa and new, nutritionally valuable ingredients such as blue-green algae and moringa, the company said.

Items include the Tri-Color Quinoa Bowl, Harvest Salad and the Impossible Burger.

"From day one our mission was to make good food accessible and convenient by sourcing high-quality ingredients and groceries from great local purveyors," said Mike Fogarty, founder and CEO of Choice Market. "This new menu is a stronger reflection of that mission and allows us to celebrate our great Colorado producers."

During the menu creation process, the retailer interviewed artisans and farmers in the region to determine what products it could replace with those that were grown or made locally. Erik Oberholtzer, chef and founder of the 31-location chain Tender Greens, led the menu redesign, basing it on his experience scaling relationships with farmers and artisans.

Local vendors include City Bakery, Growers Organic, Seattle Fish, River Bear, The Spice Guy, Altius Farms and more.

Denver-based Choice Market plans to extend the menu to its second and third locations that are currently in the works. Choice Market's goal is to be a new type of convenience store that prioritizes giving people choices that are better for them and offering a larger vegan, gluten-free, seasonal and hyper-local ingredient selection than most c-stores, the company said.