Coca-Cola Brews Up New Offering

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Coca-Cola Brews Up New Offering

TORONTO -- The Coca-Cola Company on Wednesday introduced CHAQWA, a new line of coffees and teas oriented toward convenience, but at the same time, meant to deliver the quality and consistency of the best coffeehouse offerings.

According to the company, the brand will allow customers like convenience stores and quick service restaurants to serve authentic cappuccinos and chai teas to patrons who already visit their stores and are looking to upgrade from the coffee currently available. It is designed for people "on the go" who don't have time to wait in a queue at a typical coffeehouse but who, if given the chance, would upgrade to a coffeehouse beverage if it were available conveniently.

The CHAQWA name comes from a combination of "cha," the Mandarin name for tea, and "qawah," the name for coffee in many Arabic languages, Coca-Cola said.

In addition to CHAQWA, Coca-Cola unveiled its Far Coast brand of premium brewed beverages to the Toronto marketplace. Through Far Coast, the company said it has created a new system to empower its retail customers -- such as premium restaurants, entertainment venues and other high-end outlets -- to offer a variety of freshly-brewed espressos, chai teas, cappuccinos and lattes with a high degree of operational ease.

Coca-Cola has developed a proprietary pod-based brewing technology to provide its retail customers with an operationally-easy system to offer barista quality brewed beverages, while ensuring each beverage is consistently of superior quality and freshly made for each consumer. The innovation is also designed to help customers overcome operational difficulties, such as complex, unreliable machines and high labor turnover.

Far Coast offers a wide range of coffees, teas and other exotic brews and infusions that are inspired by different cultural "adventures" in music, art and legends from around the world. According to Udaiyan Jatar, who leads Coca-Cola's Global Premium Brewed Beverage business, "Consumers are looking for quality and variety and are increasingly curious about the world around them. Far Coast was created to provide them with a window into different cultures through our range of delicious brews and infusions."

To help build awareness and trial of the Far Coast brand, the company has created a "Concept Store" in Toronto. The store will provide a venue for consumers to taste and explore the wide range of premium Far Coast blends. The location will also allow the company to gather consumer feedback quickly on new products in order to provide proven products to its restaurant customers.

"Toronto is an ideal location for the launch because it is a multicultural city that fits the cultural exploration brand positioning of Far Coast and is in a country that has a highly developed brewed beverage market," said Silvio Annosantini, who leads this project in Canada.

The Toronto Far Coast "Concept Store" will open to the public on September 22. Following the opening, the Coca-Cola Company will rollout Far Coast through its retail customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto will be closely followed by Oslo and Singapore, both of which will open their own "Concept Store."