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Colorado Conoco Station Explodes

FRISCO, Colo. -- A fire at a Conoco gas station injured seven people, destroyed an RV and damaged three other vehicles in Frisco, Colo., late Wednesday afternoon, reported the Frisco-based Summit Daily News.

A total of seven people were treated for injuries, including one in critical condition. No fatalities were reported. Two juveniles were injured, including one in stable condition, according to Rachel Flood, a local fire-rescue public affairs coordinator.

Six of the seven victims were part of a group of Lakewood, Colo., residents traveling together in the RV, which had stopped at the service station to refuel. The seventh victim was a station employee. Two female victims, one a minor, were taken by ambulance to Vail Medical Center in urgent condition.

The remaining five victims were transported to Summit Medical Center. A juvenile male was in stable condition and remained in Summit County, but the other four victims were transported to University of Colorado Hospital in Denver.

Resident Mike Lover had pulled into the Conoco station around 6 p.m. to purchase gasoline and witnessed the start of the blaze. "Opposite me there was an RV filling up with gas," Lover said. "When he finished, and replaced the nozzle, it started spraying back on him. As he backed away, it sprayed on the side of the RV, and it just went up in flames."

The RV quickly caught fire, as did the canopy above the gasoline pumps.

"As soon as the whole side of the RV caught on fire, I ran. I thought about going back to get my car, but pieces of the canopy began to fall," Lover said.

Soon after the fire erupted, a series of explosions scattered debris more than a block away.

Michael Penny, Frisco town manager, said an employee was servicing the pumps about the time the flames ignited. According to Flood, a Loaf-N-Jug employee was in critical condition.
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