Companywide Error Charged Speedway Customers Twice

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Companywide Error Charged Speedway Customers Twice

ENON, Ohio -- High gas prices may be causing pain at the pump, but for Speedway SuperAmerica customers on Jan. 6, it was twice as painful, as a companywide billing error caused card transactions to be billed twice, local television station WTOV9 reported.

Colliers, W. Va., resident Lori Scott purchased $20 worth of gas that day at a Steubenville Speedway unaware of anything unusual. However, she was charged $40 for her purchase.

"I went to cash a check at my bank and they wanted to hold my checking account," Scott told the television station. Her account was overdrawn because of the billing error, resulting in two sets of $31 overdraft fees, the report stated.

Speedway spokeswoman Linda Casey told the television station the company is crediting all customers for the overcharged amounts, including overdraft fees. She told CSNews Online via e-mail a computer error on Jan. 8 caused all credit card transactions dated Jan. 6 to be duplicate billed, and the company began issuing credits on Jan. 10. Casey did not know the number of refunds issued to date or the number of customers that were affected.

"I'm sure there are other people out there that don't even check their statement," Scott told the station. "I'm going to be charged $1 per day that [my bank account] is overdrafted until they take care of the money they owe me."

To date, Scott's erroneous charges amount to about $102.

"To be honest, I'm afraid to use pay-at-the-pump. I think from now on I'll use cash," she told the station.

Customers who were overbilled are asked to call (800) 428-4016.