ConocoPhillips Signs Private Label Fleet Card Agreement

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine -- ConocoPhillips signed a five-year agreement for private label fleet card services with Wright Express Corp.

Under the terms of the agreement, Wright Express will issue fleet cards and provide related services to all three brands affiliated with ConocoPhillips' motor fuels: Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76.

Wright Express and ConocoPhillips will closely collaborate in building a comprehensive sales and marketing program for direct sales, as well as to support the local efforts of independent marketers and dealers who represent these brands through more than 7,500 sites.

The program will include a competitive discount offer on ConocoPhillips fuel through a branded proprietary fleet card good only at the Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 locations, as well as a new branded universal card which will be accepted at more than 150,000 fuel and service locations throughout the United States. These new commercial offerings will bring value to loyal businesses and ConocoPhillips' branded marketers and dealers.

"This agreement with Wright Express ensures that we will enhance the scope and competitiveness of our offering for our valued fleet card consumers," Jane Gasdaska, manager, planning and optimization, U.S. marketing, ConocoPhillips, said in a released statement. "Wright Express will allow us to provide our branded fleet cardholders with the complete range of information, features and functionality they need to meet their fleet management and growth needs."

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