Coors Taps Into History With Commemorative Cans

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Coors Banquet is showcasing its heritage, dating back to 1873, with four new commemorative cans. The cans will be available now through March 31.

As part of its "Grab a Piece of the Legend" campaign, MillerCoors LLC is introducing four distinctive "yellow belly" designs that will highlight specific eras in Coors Banquet’s history, ranging from 1880 to the 1950s. Each can will also feature a unique story detailing the brand’s notable past, according to the company.

"Coors Banquet is one of the great American icons that has stood the test of time," explained Coors Banquet brand manager Chuck Buckingham. "Through the ‘Grab a Piece of the Legend’ program, we celebrate and share our past while encouraging new tales involving the timeless western brew."

As part of the campaign, fans can log onto Coors Banquet’s Facebook page and share their own stories for a chance to appear on Coors Banquet’s site. 

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