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NEW YORK -- In our Category Captains report in our March 7 print publication, we misstated the results in the Other Tobacco Products category. While the information in the chart was correct, the accompanying text should have read: “Swisher and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco tied with 37 percent overall, with Swisher taking the lead in marketing and promotions effectiveness and operational efficiency, and USSTC leading in product innovation and category management. Convenience Store News regrets the error.

In the same report, information about our study methodology was mistakenly omitted. A total of 122 responses were received, representing 21,999 stores. The average respondent operates 180 stores.

Of the total respondents, 31 percent are single-store operators, 7 percent operate between two and three stores, 12 percent between two and 10 stores, 20 percent between 11 and 50 stores, 23 percent between 51 and 200 stores and 7 percent operate more than 201 stores.

It should also be noted that responses were not weighted based on chain size, which means that every individual vote cast carried equal weight, regardless of chain size.

As a result of several methodology changes made to this year's Category Captains report, most manufacturer total scores are significantly lower this year than in prior years.
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