Couche-Tard Announces Emergency Measures Against COVID-19 Pandemic


LAVAL, Quebec — Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., with its subsidiary Circle K, is enhancing its response to the spread of COVID-19 by enacting emergency measures to support both customers and employees.

Significant in-store safety measures include:

  • Stringent cleaning measures anywhere hands touch, including surfaces, screens, fuel pumps, restrooms and more. These measures are carried out multiple times each day.
  • Increased safety, hygiene and packaging around food and beverages and installed clear barriers at cash registers to protect against coughs, sneezes or other possible exposure.

Couche-Tard is also reinforcing best hygiene practices through digital media and display screens at registers; marking stores for social distancing at the checkout line; and posting frequently asked questions and answers on its website concerning how stores are operating during these unprecedented times and what customers can expect in terms of store closing and sanitizing procedures should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19.

For its hourly store employees on the frontlines, the company implemented additional financial and healthcare measures. These include:

  • Emergency Sick Care Plan for hourly employees in North America that includes both a bank of sick pay hours and a pay continuation benefit if someone is either diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed under a mandatory quarantine.
  • Emergency Appreciation Pay premium for hourly employees in North America of an additional $2.50 to the base hourly rate of pay for all hours worked.
  • Virtual wellness being added as a benefit for U.S. hourly store employees who have concerns regarding the coronavirus.

These enhanced employment benefits are part of the emergency planning for North America hourly workers, who do not have same government safety nets as in other regions where Couche-Tard operates.

Additionally, to say thank you to the individuals working day and night to combat the virus, Couche-Tard is offering free coffee, tea and Polar Pop to first responders, health care workers and store employees.

"I know these are stressful, difficult days as we see the effects of this global pandemic on our lives, workplaces, and neighborhoods. As a company, we are deeply committed to being part of the solution for our customers and our employees," said President and CEO Brian Hannasch. "Our team members are working hard to create impactful measures to serve our communities, and I have never been prouder to be the leader of this company."

As the crisis evolves, Couche-Tard and Circle K are committed to updating its customers, employees, and communities on the company's emergency measures via its websites, social media channels and internal communication tools, the company said.

Laval-based Couche-Tard has nearly 15,000 sites across 26 countries and regions. Its global brand is Circle K.