Counterfeit Bills Circulating in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police have investigated nine counterfeit money cases, and they warn that fake bills are circulating throughout the city.

Authorities say many of the bogus bills were made using copiers and home computers, according to the Des Moines (Iowa) Register.

Des Moines police since November have received 29 counterfeit $100 bills, eight fake 50s and 16 counterfeit $20 bills. Police also have found a few counterfeit 10s and fives. Police have taken counterfeit money reports from a Git-N-Go convenience store, B-Bop's restaurants and Hy-Vee Food Stores.

Some of the reproductions were so bad, detectives said, the ink ran when the bills got wet, the report said.

"The point we want to make is that pens are available to check these bills. They are available at any office supply store. If you mark the bill and it turns yellow or a light color, it passes the test. If it's brown or dark, the bill is suspect," police Lt. James Harkin said.

The pens work on bills printed since 1959.Police say there are other ways to spot a bad bill. One of the best indicators is the printing. Letters and numbers on real bills are clean and crisp even when wrinkled.
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