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CSNews Expands Social Networking Presence for C-stores

NEW YORK -- Sensing the need for convenience store owners to connect one-on-one to share solutions and best practices, Convenience Store News last year launched several social networking resources for the c-store industry on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Now CSNews has expanded its social presence to serve even more areas of the industry.

Three newly created CSNews groups are now open and available to join on Linkedin -- a networking site for professionals -- covering various segments vital to the convenience store industry. Those groups are:

-- CSNews New Products Group
-- CSNews Petroleum Group
-- CSNews Single Store Owner Group

Similar to the main CSNews Linkedin Group and subgroups, these new groups were created to bring members together to connect, discuss important issues and find solutions to common problems, in an effort to ultimately better the industry as a whole.

The New Products Group is designed to keep retailers abreast of the plethora of new products and promotions hitting the c-store channel. And for manufacturers, suppliers and others, it serves as a place where information can be posted about their latest products and promotions.

The Petroleum Group, meanwhile, serves as a place where users can share information, lessons and best practices.

And the Single Store Owner Group acts as a knowledge base for members, where they can share lessons and best practices among members. Users can submit questions to be addressed by the group or CSNews editors in the Discussion section, similar to a message board. Group members can also visit the news section to find articles on a variety of topics relevant to independent convenience store owners and operators.

The three groups add to CSNews' ever-expanding Linkedin presence. With more than 1,000 members, the main Convenience Store News Linkedin Group also offers membership in the following subgroups:

-- CSNews Beverages Group
-- CSNews Candy & Snacks Group
-- CSNews Foodservice Group
-- CSNews Retail Technology Group
-- CSNews Tobacco Group

Only Linkedin members are permitted to join these groups. To join, click the "groups" tab in your Linkedin profile, then click the CSNews Linkedin Group, where you can then view its subgroups by clicking the "Subgroups" tab. Non-members of the main CSNews Linkedin Group can find and join it by searching for "Convenience Store News" in the Linkedin search bar.
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