Daktronics Releases Favorable Report on Digital Signage

BROOKINGS, S.D. -- C-stores will do well with digital signage -- encouraging consumers to go inside stores, according to a new report by Daktronics Inc., "A Look at the Effectiveness of Digital Displays for the Convenience Store Industry."

Digital reader boards create and drive impulse buys for convenience stores, reveals the new white paper. It highlights the following LED display advantages:

  • More visually appealing than manual copy boards
  • Offer a substantial return on investment
  • Appeal to convenience stores target audiences
  • Move customers from the pump and into the store

"This report takes an interesting look at the benefits on-premise digital signage offers convenience stores," Vic Wenner, Daktronics petroleum sales manager said in a released statement. "Convenience store owners are first and foremost businesspeople, and they want to see proof that an investment will pay for itself quickly and drive dollars to the bottom line."


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