Dash In Debuts Haunted Car Wash Experience

Splash In ECO Car Wash's "Scarea 51" was born from the pandemic to provide a family-friendly, socially distanced spooky experience.

LA PLATA, Md. — Dash In's Splash In ECO Car Wash is delivering an evening of family fun and spooky scares with a haunted car wash experience.

Taking place Oct. 21-24 and again Oct. 28-31 (Halloween), "Scarea 51" is Splash In's custom-designed experience that was born from the pandemic and created to provide car owners and their families with a socially distanced haunted house experience, all while getting their car scary clean, according to the company.

The haunted car wash experience runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night it's open at the Splash In ECO Car Wash at 7509 Old Branch Ave. in Clinton, Md.

The premise of Scarea 51 is that aliens have taken over the Splash In so they can abduct its customers. When car owners drive up to the location, they will enter what appears to be a crash site, but it's no earthly craft that's had a bad landing.

The experience costs $10 for existing Splash In subscription members and $29 for non-members.

For an additional $1, attendees who are not currently Splash In monthly subscription members can purchase one full month of unlimited car washes at the Clinton Splash In Eco tunnel car wash. A promotional code to redeem this offer will be provided at the end of the experience.

Tickets can be purchased on-site during the event. More information is available here.

La Plata-based The Wills Group is operator of Dash In convenience stores and Splash In ECO car washes in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.