Dunkin' Donuts: Have Breakfast, Not Brokefast

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Dunkin' Donuts: Have Breakfast, Not Brokefast

CANTON, Mass. -- This summer, Dunkin' Donuts wants Americans to take a bite out of breakfast without taking a bite out of their budget, and yesterday unveiled the new Wake-up Wrap, its first product created specifically to provide consumers a breakfast for under $1.

The Wake-up Wrap will be available through mid-July at participating Dunkin' Donuts shops throughout the country. Priced at only 99 cents, the product features a five-inch round tortilla served oven-toasted with half a scrambled egg and a slice of American cheese. This is the first Dunkin' Donuts sandwich to feature a tortilla.

Customers can add a slice of cherrywood smoked bacon for 30 cents. The egg and cheese Wake-up Wrap has less than 200 calories and is listed on Dunkin' Donuts' DDSMART menu of better-for-you foods and beverages, according to the company.

The debut of the Wake-up Wrap coincides with the launch this week of an innovative new advertising and marketing campaign, developed by Hill Holliday and driven by the slogan, "Breakfast NOT Brokefast." The campaign declares that in these challenging times, a fast and delicious breakfast needn't cost Americans more than pocket change.

In addition to national television and radio commercials, Dunkin' Donuts is placing display advertisements at prominent public fountains in New York, Chicago and Boston. The displays feature legs sticking up from the water, along with signs reminding passersby, "Please Do Not Remove Change for 99¢ Items at Dunkin' Donuts."

"Consumers today have become much more aware of the economic issues that are facing them and their families," Frances Allen, brand marketing officer for Dunkin' Donuts, said in a statement. "With our new Wake-up Wrap and the 'Breakfast NOT Brokefast' campaign, we're continuing to show Americans they don't need to spend a lot of money for a delicious breakfast away from home."

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