Englefield Oil Goes One Brand in BP Deal


HEATH, Ohio -- Locally based Englefield Oil has reached an agreement with BP to drop the ampm brand from its convenience stores, affecting 25 locations. As a result, all the company's 128 locations will carry the Duke/Duchess Shoppe Name, co-president Ben Englefield told CSNews Online.

"We reached an agreement with BP that the best way to go forward more consistently is with one brand," Englefield explained. In exchange for switching brands, Englefield Oil agreed to convert to BP some of its Duchess Shoppes that currently do not fly the BP flag, he added.

The co-president said the company will begin conversion in the next 90 to 120 days. He estimated that approximately a dozen locations do not fly the BP flag, and after the conversion Englefield Oil will be left with two unbranded sites.

In addition to Englefield Oil, BP reached similar deals with Ricker Oil and EZ Energy. Those agreements will affect the Indianapolis and Pittsburgh markets, according to a BP statement. The company added that brand conversion will occur at approximately 60 stores, and BP expects to add several dozen new locations. The ampm brand will continue in Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Cleveland and Orlando.

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