EnsembleIQ Launches Retail Pro Subscription Product

The solution from Convenience Store News' parent company cuts through the noise to give professionals exclusive critical insights.
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CHICAGO — EnsembleIQ, the parent company of Convenience Store News, is helping industry leaders stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape. 

The company introduced Retail Leader Pro, a premium subscription product that cuts through the noise to give professionals exclusive critical insights and inside perspectives on new retail developments and emerging trends. 

"The retail sector is continuously disrupted, hyper-competitive and inundated with information about constant changes in consumer demands, shopper preferences, product offerings, retail innovations, technologies, supply chain, mergers and acquisitions, labor, policy and regulation, and the competitive landscape," said Jennifer Litterick, CEO at EnsembleIQ.

"Retail Leader Pro captures and filters all of this information, identifies the portion that's most meaningful and relevant, analyzes it against consumer and industry sentiment, and delivers it in convenient, mobile-friendly formats — with clear explanations of what subscribers need to know, why and how to act to grow their business," Litterick said.

The Retail Leader Pro subscriber benefits are:

  • Premium Newsletters: Subscriber-only communications focusing on the latest macro retail trends, key consumer behavior patterns, the future of in-store experience and retail innovations.
  • Monthly Retail Lowdown Report: Deep dives into the retail industry's latest topics, each providing an in-depth view into a single topic or consumer segment spanning all of retail. According to EnsembleIQ, this focused insight series will help subscribers think smarter about opportunities for growth. 
  • Monthly Subscriber-Only Roundtables: All subscribers will be invited to join these exclusive interactive sessions where Elizabeth Lafontaine, chief retail analyst, shares findings on the month's emerging trend, giving subscribers a chance to ask questions and network with peers.
  • Quarterly State of the Industry Reports: A macro review of trends and topics that are top of mind for executives tasked with reimagining the next era of retail — highlighting trends across all industry sectors, uncovering the stories of the last quarter and providing clear vision of where the retail industry is and how to use the narratives to build better strategies for where it's headed.
  • Unlimited Access to Premium Content: While non-subscribers can only access Retail Leader news articles, Retail Leader Pro subscribers can access all subscriber-exclusive content, research reports, subscriber-only events and downloads at

Retail Leader Pro Team

The Retail Leader Pro team is spearheaded by Craig Lowe, senior vice president of membership and subscriptions. Lowe previously served as vice president, global audience marketing at Dow Jones, delivering Wall Street Journal global event audiences and developing growth strategies for WSJ Professional premium subscription products. 

The Retail Leader Pro team also includes: 

  • Lafontaine, chief retail analyst, who previously served as director and industry analyst with The NPD Group; 
  • Kimberly Lucht, vice president of marketing, who previously served as director of demand generation with the SANS Institute;
  • Jessie Dowd, editorial director, who also serves as editorial director of EnsembleIQ's award-winning Path to Purchase Institute;
  • Elizabeth Christenson, editor, who previously worked at the Path to Purchase Institute; and 
  • Connor Perrett, Retail Leader editor, who was formerly with Insider Inc.

EnsembleIQ is a North American business intelligence company delivering insightful information and actionable connections. Using its market expertise throughout the entire path to purchase in retail, retail technology, consumer goods, healthcare and hospitality, the company helps professionals make informed business decisions and gain a competitive advantage.