Eonsmoke Surpasses 5,000-Store Distribution Mark

GARFIELD, N.J. -- Electronic cigarette provider Eonsmoke LLC has surpassed the 5,000-store distribution mark. The company said it has been steadily growing its territory, gaining counter and shelf space in Northeast convenience stores as more retailers accept e-cigarettes as a growing staple within the tobacco segment.

"This is a significant milestone to say the least for the brand. Electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity and Eonsmoke specifically is bound to go national and international in the next several years," said Alexander Efros, executive vice president of Garfield, N.J.-based Eonsmoke.

Eonsmoke began operations within New York and New Jersey and has since penetrated many tobacco shops throughout the United States, according to the company. Its electronic cigarettes and accessories are offered under the Eonsmoke, Spirit Vapor and Miami Cigs brand names.

"The brand is really starting to expand nationally as we add flavors and take real estate with our signs within the tobacco stores," added Igor Gromadskiy, Eonsmoke's director of sales. "Eonsmoke is being introduced by distributors, both internal and independent, to retailers every single day and our unique rechargeable brand continues to take market share."

Eonsmoke LLC sells its e-cigarettes and other products through distributors and wholesalers, as well as directly to consumers through its websites.

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