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EV Drivers Prioritize Affordability When Seeking Charging Stations

PDI: C-store retailers play a crucial role in facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles by providing accessible charging infrastructure.
Hand plugging in electric vehicle charger

ATLANTA Most Americans are considering buying or leasing an electric vehicle (EV), but concerns over battery charge duration and travel distance may be inhibiting their decision to purchase, according to a new survey from PDI Technologies Inc.

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While the survey found a majority of respondents either own or are open to owning or leasing an EV, 45 percent still express concern over charging accessibility, while 41 percent stated affordability as their priority when finding a charger. Forty percent currently, or plan to, find charging locations for their EVs online.

With an increase in EV trends and adoption, an increased need for adequate charging stations would follow to keep up with demand. PDI believes this creates an opportunity for the convenience industry to play a crucial role in facilitating the adoption of EVs by providing exactly that sort of accessible charging infrastructure.

"The rapid adoption of electric vehicles is ushering in a new era of transportation, one in which the convenience industry will emerge as a critical enabler," says Linnea Geiss, chief operating officer at PDI. "With the unparalleled insights and innovative solutions offered by PDI, convenience store operators will not only embrace the surge in EV use but seize it as a strategic business opportunity to solidify their positioning as the go-to destination for on-the-go consumers."

More information can be found via PDI's EV Hub.

The online survey was conducted by Directions Research between March 30-31. Respondents were a demographically balanced, nationally representative sample of 1,038 U.S. adults, ages 18 and older. To ensure consistent and accurate representation of the U.S. general population, data were weighted to match U.S. Census data by the following variables: sex, age, geographic region, race/ethnicity and education. 

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