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ExxonMobil Credit Card Promotion Hits Big

FAIRFAX, Va. -- ExxonMobil announced that it concluded its 90-day credit card promotion, resulting in more than 80,000 new cardholders for the proprietary ExxonMobil Credit Card.

The promotion, which began in March and ran through the end of May, offered a $10 statement credit for each new account after the first use of the card. ExxonMobil teamed with GE Consumer Finance for a major integrated marketing campaign to attract new cardholders. A majority of the new cardholders also took the opportunity to get a free ExxonMobil Speedpass upon acceptance.

The promotion generated more than twice the number of applications received during the same period last year, largely do to the enhanced on-site marketing at ExxonMobil's more than 14,000 U.S. retail locations. Exxon and Mobil retailers supported the promotion with giveaways ranging from travel mugs to $10 a 10-gallon fill-up for customers who apply for the card.

“We are extremely pleased with the promotion's results,” said Bill Wang, global personal card programs manager, ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing. “We could not have achieved these best-in-class results if it were not for the hard work and support of our retailers and sales force.”

He continued, “The ExxonMobil Credit Card business is important to us and to our retailers. We appreciate our cardholders' loyalty. This successful promotion was also an exciting way to attract new members to the ExxonMobil card family.”

GE Consumer Finance also issued new, improved ExxonMobil cards to more than 7 million existing cardholders during the same period. The new cards provide enhanced benefits such as new fraud deterrent technology, choice of payment dates and a standardized 16-digit account number.

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