Family Express Integrates Multiple Vendors Into Its New App

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Family Express Integrates Multiple Vendors Into Its New App

Family Express exterior

VALPARAISO, Ind. — Family Express Corp. has gone live with its new custom loyalty app, integrating multiple vendors into the platform.

The new app incorporates native online ordering for customers through Olo, seamless management of important internal store information with Yext, and integration of key features such as a customer feedback portal through Zendesk, resulting in a highly personalized experience for Family Express customers, according to Paytronix Systems Inc.

"We sought to create a frictionless experience consistent with emerging customer expectations," said Gus Olympidis, president and CEO of Family Express. "We did it by bringing together a constellation of best-in-class technology providers aiming to create a powerful ecosystem with total connectivity. Paytronix led the way, and we are now able to fuse a variety of third party platforms to best meet our customers’ evolving needs and keep pace with trends in the marketplace."

The new Family Express app features: 

Native app ordering: Integrating with Olo gives customers the ability to order Family Express’ hot foodservice offering, Cravin’s To Order, directly from the app. The feature provides guests with an intuitive ordering flow.

Seamless store content management: With Yext, Family Express can easily manage store information, including locations, hours and amenities.

Customer engagement: Family Express can tailor rewards and discounts based on customer behavior and preference, while also providing a place for customers to view their rewards. Additionally, via an integration with Zendesk, customers can submit comments, enabling immediate, actionable guest feedback — all functions that had previously been scattered across different online locations.

Family Express was also able to customize the look and feel of its custom app to match its brand, according to Paytronix.

"We're very pleased to help Family Express become the first convenience store to offer online ordering through its app," said Andrew Robbins, president, Paytronix Systems Inc. "And we continue to remain focused on delivering an exceedingly personalized experience for Family Express customers."

Valparaiso-based Family Express operates c-stores throughout Northwest and Central Indiana

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