Famima Closing O.C. Store

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. -- Famima's only Orange County store here is closing, after 16 months in operation, The Orange County Register reported.

The Japanese convenience chain, which operates a handful of convenience stores in Los Angeles, couldn't find an audience for its brand in Fountain Valley, according to the report.

"That location didn't work," Pervez Pir, vice president of Torrance-based Famima, told the paper. "As you can see, many of the retailers across the street and next to our location have closed."

The trendy convenience market offered grab-and-go foods and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including novelty ethnic snacks and deli sandwiches, the report stated. In the area, its direct competitors were 7-Eleven and a Fresh & Easy store, according to the report.

In addition, Famima struggled with brand recognition in the area, Pir told the paper. Despite this, the chain has not totally dropped any O.C. expansion plans.

"[Our] goal is to be a neighborhood store and [we] can't do that if we don't consider all neighborhoods," he said in the report.

Pir said there are no plans "at the moment" to close other Famima stores.

As a result, the store's merchandise is being marked down as much as 50 percent, the Register reported.

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