Fastrac Fuel Discount Program Tops $5M in Savings

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Customers at locally based Fastrac convenience stores have earned more than $5 million in fuel discounts over the past five years.

With the Fastrac Member Card, the convenience store chain offers discounts between 7 cents and 10 cents per gallon. Payment works much like a debit card, drawing directly from the card owner's bank account and the customer gets immediate email confirmation of the transaction.

As of July, customers who sign up and use their activated Fastrac Member Card at the pump receive twice the discount for 60 days after enrollment. That translates to instant savings of 14 cents on each gallon of gas purchased Monday through Saturday, and 20 cents per gallon on Sundays, according to the retailer.

Fastrac Markets LLC has 44 Fastrac convenience stores in upstate New York. The 15-year-old company employs more than 400 people.

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