Fighting the Fees

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Fighting the Fees

NORFOLK, Va. -- Outsite Networks Inc. launched a major new initiative today that will, according to the company, assist retailers in lowering credit-card fees.

The Outsite Networks In-Touch loyalty marketing system allows a retailer to offer various incentives for different methods of payment. By offering these incentives such as double points for cash, debit or oil company cards a retailer is able to influence consumers to use those targeted method of payments. This helps retailers in their battle to lower rising credit-card fees.

Outsite Networks President and CEO, Anton Bakker said, "Rising credit-card fees continue to have a major impact on retailer profitability. By using our system to give incentives based on method of payments, a retailer can influence consumer behavior and substantially reduce his credit card fee expense."

Incentives can be changed and promoted in real-time using the company’s In-Touch loyalty marketing system. In-Touch allows a convenience retailer to promote the payment incentives at the pump by using Mp3 audio messages. This real-time capability impacts thousands of consumers that pay at the pump and never come in the store. Also, the system can be used to give incentive to consumers who sign up for oil company cards.

"Our company continues to focus on the big issues in the industry," said Bakker. "With our system a retailer can influence customer loyalty, reduce credit-card fees and stop drive-offs."