Florida Grants Wishes with Gas for Life Giveaway

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Florida Grants Wishes with Gas for Life Giveaway

MIAMI -- Florida State Lottery is answering the dreams of many motorists by offering a chance to win free gas for a lifetime.

The Summer Cash scratch-off promotion will run for the next two months with the second prize winner receiving 26 prepaid gas cards, each worth $100, every year until death.

"People seem to like it," Jackie Barreiros, director of public affairs for the Florida Lottery, told The New York Times. "Obviously gas is something that everyone needs right now with prices being so high."

While the $5 game's first prize is $250,000, a 22-year old runner up could realize the same winnings over the course of his or her lifetime if gas maintain, or increase, past the current state average of $4.30 a gallon.

Bernard Feldman, a customer service supervisor at a Miami Beach supermarket that sells lottery tickets, told the paper that sales of Summer Cash tickets has increased since launching on June 30. "Gas has become more precious than cash now," Feldman told the paper.

Florida joins Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Washington that also have gasoline lottery prizes.