Four Loko Still Available on Store Shelves, Online

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Nearly a month ago the Food and Drug Administration instituted a ban of the caffeinated-alcohol drink Four Loko. However, the malt beverage can still be found on store shelves and on the Internet, as The Columbus Dispatch found.

Online sites like Craigslist and eBay have listings advertising the drink for sale, the newspaper reported, with some listings asking as much as five times the original price of the average $2.50 can. Despite an eBay policy not to sell alcohol on the site, some are offering Four Loko as an "unopened collectible." A CSNews Online search of eBay comes up with 75 results, including Four Loko apparel and collectible items like signs.

Individuals began to stock up on the drink once the ban was issued, including one Louisville, Ky. resident who told The Columbus Dispatch that he inherited his supply of Four Loko from his uncle's convenience store. He is currently selling it for $10 a can, and expects the price to reach $20 by the end of the month.

Four Loko can also be found in some stores, the newspaper reported, since stores are allowed to sell the remainder of their inventory.

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