Fresh & Easy Sets New Benchmark for Energy Efficiency

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Fresh & Easy Sets New Benchmark for Energy Efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS -- Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is reporting energy consumption that is 32 percent lower than the industry average for energy usage per square-foot across its 130 stores, according to Verisae Inc, provider of sustainability software.

Fresh & Easy achieved recurring energy-related cost savings of more than $3 million per year, the company said. Fresh & Easy uses Verisae's energy, environmental and asset management solutions in all locations to drive operational efficiencies, adhere to regulatory compliance and lower their environmental impact.

"These results are very impressive, because the grocer's percentage of refrigeration floor area per square-foot is about 30 percent greater than most other supermarkets," noted Dr. Abtar Singh, vice president of energy for Verisae. "They're able to maintain low energy consumption through constant monitoring and managing energy usage."

Fresh & Easy's innovative store designs, including upgraded lighting systems and energy-free glass doors -- work with Verisae's Sustainability Resource Planning platform to reduce the chain's carbon footprint.

"We have designed our stores to be as energy efficient as possible, from LED lighting to prismatic insulated skylights. Using less energy in our stores is not only good for the environment, it helps us lower our customers' food bills," said Steve Hagen, Fresh & Easy's director of procurement, engineering and maintenance.

Verisae's sustainability solutions helped the retailer lower refrigerant usage with a leak rate under 10 percent.

At roughly 10,000 square feet, Fresh & Easy's stores are smaller than typical supermarkets. They are found in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

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