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Future-Proof Your C-Store: The Tools You Need to Attract Today’s Customers

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As e-commerce and rapid delivery services change customer expectations, digital tool adoption will be key for c-stores to remain competitive. Digital tools that enable c-stores to streamline in-store visits and expand their off-premises services are already deliver personalized experiences for customers on the go. And ease of use is the name of the game: a recent collaboration between Paytronix and PDI enables c-stores to easily sell their entire inventory online through both first-party and third-party ordering sites. Integrations like these of many, provide c-stores a holistic, unique experience at every touchpoint, enabling them to keep up with providers like GoPuff and Uber Eats.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The operational steps and critical elements c-stores need to master the digital ordering channel
  • How to optimize customer journeys and work with third-party aggregators and convert customers to first-party solutions
  • Tech requirements to run a frictionless digital ordering experience


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