Global Partners to Roll Out Self-Checkout Kiosks to All Stores

The retailer saw sustained transaction growth during a pilot test of Skip self-checkout kiosks.
Global Partners

WALTHAM, Mass. — Global Partners LPis adding self-checkout kiosks from checkout solutions provider Skip to all 264 company-owned convenience stores across the Northeast.

The agreement follows a successful pilot program that tested Skip Self-Checkout at select Global-owned stores.

The retailer also tested Skip Self-Checkout against other self-checkout solutions. Global ultimately selected Skip based on sustained growth in the percentage of store transactions at locations with Skip Self-Checkout kiosks, along with positive customer feedback about their usability.

"With nearly 300 company owned convenience markets across six states, Global needed a way to meet guest preference for contactless, quick check out. The Skip self-checkout kiosk requires no store construction, ships fully assembled to each store site and requires no employee training," said Global Senior Vice President Mark Cosenza. "We saw immediate shopper adoption the moment the kiosk turned on, proving the value of the Skip investment."

Skip Self-Checkout kiosks use "heartbeat" AI to cloud monitor and troubleshoot to detect and solve software issues in real-time, eliminating the need for time-consuming maintenance calls and highly specialized staff training, according to Skip.

The modular kiosks also allow for multiple different configurations based on available floor and counterspace. It is also self-installing and requires no new construction during the rollout.

"The retail industry is moving in a direction where dependence on staff members to solve on-site technical problems is no longer sustainable," said Skip CEO Chase Thomason. "We designed the software to be self-correcting so that cashiers can focus on the customer experience without having to perform tech support functions as well."

With approximately 1,550 locations primarily in the Northeast, Waltham-based Global Partners is one of the region's largest independent owners, suppliers and operators of gasoline stations and convenience stores. Global also owns, controls or has access to one of the largest terminal networks in New England and New York, through which it distributes gasoline, distillates, residual oil and renewable fuels to wholesalers, retailers and commercial customers. In addition, Global engages in the transportation of petroleum products and renewable fuels by rail from the mid-continental United States and Canada.