GPM Forms New Partnership for Advanced Analytics

GPM Investments

RICHMOND, Va. — GPM Investments LLC chose SwiftIQ as its preferred partner to deliver advanced analytics and insights for its transaction, promotional events and loyalty data to its team, supplier partners and distributors.

Though the partnership, SwiftIQ will facilitate smarter and faster business decisions with automated reporting; near real-time promotion intelligence; and assortment and bundle recommendations to improve category management, grow store-level profitability and maximize collaboration with manufacturing partners and distributors, according to GPM, which expects SwiftIQ's insights to help it better understand the customers and their shopping behaviors.

"SwiftIQ will help us realize the value of our basket-level transaction and digital data in new and exciting ways to help us execute faster and smarter," said Ruth Ann Lilly, vice president of marketing and merchandising for GPM. "They are a leader in convenience retail insights providing us with cutting edge analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to help us maximize the value of our data. I was a client at a former retailer and brought them into GPM to help us execute on our growth objectives.

"We will now be able to not only garner new insights around our business, but also allow our vendor partners to leverage their proprietary data to help us execute more efficient promotions, in-store merchandising affinities and more relevant digital experiences," she added.

Chicago-based SwiftIQ works with consumer product goods manufacturers, distributors and primarily offline retailers such as convenience and grocery retailers to automate insights and enable users to make merchandising and marketing decisions efficiently.

"We are excited to partner with GPM and their supplier partners to activate more impactful promotions," said Jason Lobel, CEO and co-founder of SwiftIQ. "When we first met GPM, they were only a few hundred stores and they have amassed a sizable network across 22 states in a short period of time. We already have several suppliers lined up to partner with GPM to drive incremental sales and margins."

Headquartered in Richmond, GPM Investments operates or supplies stores in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The company ranked No. 11 on the 2019 Convenience Store News Top 100 ranking.