GPM Helps Develop Latest Version of PriceNet

RICHMOND, Va. – GPM Investments LLC, operator of convenience store brands Fas Mart, Shore Stop, Young's, Li'l Cricket, Scotchman Stores and Breadbox, teamed up with Kalibrate Technologies (formerly KSS Fuels) to develop a new version of the PriceNet fuel price management system.

Now featuring multi-tiered fuel pricing, retailers can manage multiple prices per grade, such as cash, credit and loyalty or member discount prices by fuel grade type.

"Our ability to offer different prices for different levels of service or payment methods is a key competitive advantage for our brands," said Chris Giacobone, chief operating officer of Richmond-based GPM Investments. "PriceNet will help us execute our differentiated pricing through the Fas CASHBACK program."

Headquartered in Florham Park, N.J., Kalibrate Technologies said it will continue to follow and incorporate the latest industry trends regarding fuel pricing into the PriceNet system to provide clients with the flexibility to generate optimal prices at the pump.

"With swipe fees continuing to impact retailer margins and the growth of loyalty schemes aimed at discounting the price of fuel, retailers are looking to technology providers like Kalibrate to help them efficiently manage multiple prices per grade and per site," said Kalibrate Technologies President and CEO Bob Stein. "PriceNet now allows retailers to determine optimal cash prices and then apply rule-based discounts or offsets for other payment types or service levels."

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