Hansen's Expands Juice Line

Hansen's Natural is making a sweet splash with the introduction of its Sweet Northwest Cranberry Juice Cocktail.

"The cranberries in this juice are unique," said Kirk Blower, Hansen's senior vice president. "They're from the coastal region of Washington, which means that the cranberries taste sweet -- not tart."

Although cranberry juice has always been popular for its healthful properties, the tart taste of the berries has not always made this a popular drink choice. Hansen's main goal for its new cranberry juice is to produce a healthy drink that is appealing to a broader audience.

"We know how healthy it is to drink cranberry juice, but a lot of times, we let taste stand in the way of better health. That's why we created this juice cocktail," Blower said. "It's not tart like most brands, and that appeals to just about everybody."

The juice will be introduced to convenience stores and supermarkets throughout California later this month.
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