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Heineken to Target New "Luxury Light Beer" Opportunity

As part of its commitment to provide consumers with the best premium products, Heineken USA says it plans to redefine the light beer marketplace by focusing on developing a new subcategory -- Luxury Light, which the company claims will surpass the current standards in light beer. It will begin to fulfill an emerging and fast-growing consumer need for “high-quality drinkability with premium cachet,” according to company executives.

"We believe that consumers have been frustrated by the lack of premium choices within the light beer category," said Andy Glaser, brand director, Heineken USA. "Simply put, consumers should not have to sacrifice the quality, taste and cache of a premium brand when selecting a light beer."

Heineken's new light beer subcategory strategy will be bookended by its premium light beers, Amstel Light and the new Heineken Premium Light Lager. Through their premium taste attributes, packaging sophistication and prestige image, Heineken Premium Light Lager and Amstel Light will deliver on these changing consumer demands, according to company executives.

“With our Luxury Light focus, we are confident that Heineken Premium Light Lager and Amstel Light will redefine the standards of what consumers expect from a light beer," said Frans van der Minne, President and CEO, Heineken USA.

The introduction of Heineken Premium Light Lager is consistent with Heineken's strategy to expand and optimize its product portfolio and to capture a growing share of the premium import segment of the U.S. beer market, company officials said.

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