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Hit N Run Expands Pilot Store to Accommodate Twice the Customers

ALTON, Ill. -- Hit N Run Food Stores, operator of six convenience stores in the Metro East region of Illinois, doubled the size of its first store and added another driveway to accommodate about twice as many customers, The Telegraph reported.

The store, located at 1818 Washington Ave. in Alton, was the first-ever opened by the chain, which was founded in 1972. Hit N Run's other locations include State Street in Alton; Bethalto; East Alton; Granite City; and Wood River.

"Washington Avenue has always been a popular location, but sometimes it can get congested," said Mike Garlick, vice president and general manager of Hit N Run Food Stores. "That's why we felt that expanding the store to include a second drive-up would relieve some of that pressure and speed up the purchase cycle."

By taking out the car wash adjacent to the north side of the store, Hit N Run can now accommodate more customers, and the expansion also increased the space available for stock, so the store can give customers more of what they want. While customers can park and shop inside, most choose to drive through at Hit N Run, the report stated.

"We try to give customers a little more," Garlick told the newspaper. "We let you stay in your car. Clerks know people for years. They know you by name. The way they treat you, converse with you, is a good experience for customers. They don't want to be another number. Our people are more engaging. They go out and approach you."

The Washington Avenue store is among the top six convenience stores in fountain sales for Pepsi Cola in the United States. The other five include Hit N Run's Bethalto store at No. 1 and its State Street store, No. 2. "This area loves our fountain soda, it's a different recipe. That's what kept us going for 38 years," Garlick said.

Some people come in four or five times a day for a fountain drink -- which is branded a Hummdinger -- and women from area offices may buy 10 at a time, he noted.

Hit N Run, with headquarters at 2858 Homer Adams Parkway in Alton, also owns and manages Pancake Ranch restaurants, car washes and laundry facilities in Bethalto and Wood River. The Washington Avenue location has a laundry facility, and gas is available at the chain's Alton State Street, Wood River and Bethalto locations.

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