Holiday Oil Looks to Get a Lift From LiftRetail System

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Holiday Oil Looks to Get a Lift From LiftRetail System


WEST VALLEY, Utah -- Holiday Oil put the finishing touches on its chainwide rollout of VeriFone Systems Inc.'s LiftRetail upselling system.

Located at the point-of-sale (POS), the in-store marketing solution uses POS-connected digital screens to engage each shopper with relevant offers and coupons. It also analyzes each item in a shopper's basket in real-time to make the right offer to the right shopper at the right time.

Holiday Oil incorporated its coffee loyalty program into the shopper's interactive checkout experience. Instead of relying on paper punch cards, LiftRetail tacks each shopper's purchases by mobile number and automatically redeems their sixth coffee for free.

"LiftRetail provides leverage to our existing marketing programs and enabled us to implement an aspect of loyalty," said Blain Boelter, vice president of operations with Holiday Oil. "We are going to expand that loyalty program to our fountain areas and possibly fuel purchases as well."

Holiday Oil, based in West Valley, Utah, operates 50 convenience stores and gas stations.

LiftRetail customizes advertiser-funded offers to match the prices, promotions and item availability of each retailer. The result is a retailer centric-marketing platform that is completely funded by consumer product goods manufacturers, according to VeriFone.

"Holiday Oil is renowned for exceptional customer service and LiftRetail fits into its goal of making the consumer transaction a comfortable and enjoyable experience," said Wells Burke, vice president and general manager of LiftRetail for VeriFone. "Holiday Oil now enjoys weekly reports and analytics from LiftRetail that provide data on the results of upselling promotions and store operations."