Future Leaders Learning Lab

How to Be a Collaborative Leader

Wednesday, March 13th at 2pm ET
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Collaboration is a leadership skill that is often mentioned as important, but rarely taught. Yet knowing how to lead collaborative efforts is critical to many leadership situations, particularly leadership in times of change and transformation.

In this session, we will focus our discussion on a set of individual collaboration skills that you can use in many work situations to foster enhanced collaboration to drive better team engagement and overall business results.

Centered on helping you as a leader be more effective in setting and conducting action-driven, collaborative discussions that are clear and productive, these skills can be used immediately in your role today and can set a foundation to drive development for your ongoing leadership journey.

Patrick Fitzmaurice, CEO / “Head Farmer” at Caterpillar Farm, Inc.
Linda Lisanti, Editor-in-Chief at Convenience Store News

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