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How Break Time Pioneered Modern Convenience Loyalty

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With over five years of loyalty experience, Break Time is one of the oldest players in the c-store loyalty space. Ditching punch cards for a full-fledged-digital loyalty program gained the brand a fiercely loyal customer base and greater revenue. Break Time was one of the first to adopt a tiered rewards structure, typically seen in restaurants. And within a month of launch, they saw a 25.6% increase in customer spend and continue to see returns.
In this webinar, Senior Marketing Manager of Break Time, Anita Bichsel, along with Paytronix Senior Strategist Bonnie Woods, will share how Break Time uses its digital platform to earn and maintain its loyalty customers.
Join us to learn more about:

  • How to structure a loyalty program that fits your brand
  • How to leverage technology and communications to improve your loyalty program performance
  • Why you should target low frequency guests to grow their lifetime value


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