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How to Get Your Customers from the Pump Into the Store

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Only 35% of fuel customers go into the store where the high margin items are. Capturing these fuel-only customers are of critical importance to retailers. So how can c-stores drive customers from the pump into the store?

Some retailers may go the rout of blasting all their customers with the same offer for free beef jerky and hope that pulls customers in. Then, there are retailers who decide they do not need to do anything, leaving room for competitors to grab those customers instead. But what if there was another way to change a customer’s behavior by gathering data and leveraging it?

Join us for this webinar to learn how to gather real-time data about your customers and engage them in direct, relevant communications. Leveraging this data to segment, target, and send appropriate messages is key to changing your customers’ behavior and drive increased visits from the pump to the store.


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