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INCON Takes Inventory

Intelligent Controls Inc., a manufacturer of software and electronic measurement systems for the petroleum industry, released a new level measurement and inventory control system intended especially for large, vertical above-ground storage tanks (VAST).Kevin DeVinney, INCON's director of sales, said its new system is more versatile and cost-effective than other methods for the electronic monitoring of storage tanks. The system can monitor tanks up to 50 feet high with up to one million gallons of storage capacity per tank. "Initial customers are saying that the overfill protection alone has been worth the cost," DeVinney said. "For mixed storage and retail sites, the system can accommodate both above-ground and underground tanks simultaneously. The VAST system enables gas station operators to:* Verify deliveries;* Track inventories;* Reconcile fuel movement;* Be alerted to low-fuel situations; and * Be alerted to potentially disastrous overfill incidents.
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