International Kosher Food Show Begins


Kosherfest 2001, the International Kosher Food and Foodservice trade show, kicked off yesterday at the Meadowlands Exposition Center.

The conference, the biggest exhibition developed specifically to promote Kosher-certified foods, features retailers, manufacturers and distributors catering to the $5.5-billion Kosher food industry. It also includes special showcases on ingredients, services, equipment and supplies.

"More than 10 million Americans of all faiths and backgrounds eat Kosher foods on a regular basis and millions of others enjoy kosher food," according to Vicki Garfinkel, a spokesperson for the conference. "Kosher is not only mainstream, but also becoming an important part of new trends in food retailing and foodservice because of its widespread perception of quality, safety and health value."

Exhibitors at the show are touting a wide-variety of the Kosher food industry's newest products. Attendees include manufacturers of food products, such as grocery, bakery, deli, gourmet, diet, dairy, confectionery and frozen.

The show also includes a pavilion on kosher foods and technology as well as exhibits in equipment and services. Services to the kosher food industry include cleaning companies, printing, packaging, menus, signage, media and financial.

Garfinkel said the Kosher market is growing by 15 percent a year. More than $130 billion of packaged foods and $300 billion of ingredients produced in the United States are certified Kosher
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