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UNITED KINGDOM -- The U.K. snack maker, Kitchen Range Foods, launched a new range of individually packaged chocolate doughnuts, created using the iconic Cadbury confectionery brand, attempting to branch out into a wider market.

The company won the right to manufacture doughnuts under license from Cadbury three years ago, and supplies the products to national retailers such as Tesco and ASDA.

The Cadbury Milk Chocolate Donut has been formulated to target the impulse-buying, individually-packaged, convenience snack market -- a growing area among manufacturers who are quickly learning of the need to appeal to single consumers. Earlier this year the company launched a twinpack version of the product, and is now introducing the single flow-wrapped version, consisting of a single ring coated in Cadbury's milk chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate pieces.

"The new individually wrapped product helps to broaden the appeal of Cadbury donuts," said Matt Godbold, marketing manager at Kitchen Range Foods. "It will help to push Cadbury Milk Chocolate Donuts into new channels as both a convenient and indulgent snack."

Other Cadbury products manufactured by the company include Mini Donuts with a milk chocolate dip and honeycomb pieces.