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International News: London Convenience Retailer Plans to Grow Fresh Produce on Store Roof

LONDON -- Thornton's Budgens, a progressive convenience retailer in the United Kingdom, is planning to start a garden on the roof of its Crouch End store in London and sell the produce it grows in the store, according to Insight's Global Convenience Store Focus newsletter.

Owner Andrew Thornton told the newsletter that his aim was to garden using a natural approach. He said the store has partnered with a local permaculture gardener on the roof garden, which will occupy 4,000 square feet and grow fresh produce and herbs, including endangered species such as purple carrots. Thornton said the garden, due to open this month, will use reclaimed materials such as pallets and building sacks.

For more information on the Thornton's roof garden, see the full story and photos here.

Similarly, BP's eco-friendly petrol station in Los Angeles, Helios House features a green roof made of local plants and grasses to reduce the need for mechanical heating or cooling and to minimize the urban heat island effect on the site.
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