Jiffy Mart Allows Every Dog to Have Its Day

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Jiffy Mart Allows Every Dog to Have Its Day


WESTMINSTER, Md. -- Car washes are staples at convenience stores. Now, Jiffy Mart hopes pet washes become interwoven into the c-store fabric as well.

Jiffy Mart tomorrow will open a self pet washing station at its store on 1 Magna Way in Westminster, Md. The washing station features a washing tub with disinfectant, warm water sprayers, choice of pet shampoos, pet conditioner, pet deodorizers, flea and tick treatment, a pet vacuum and a pet dryer within a climate controlled environment.

The pet wash station has been traditionally used for dogs, but any other pet can utilize it. It even features a pet treat vending machine.

Although pet owners can wash animals at home or via a groomer, pet washes are inexpensive without the hassles washing at home can cause, said Jiffy Mart.

"Although the company does not specialize in dog grooming, we are excited about adding the Jiffy Pet Wash as another option for pet owners to quickly wash their pets," said Tom Moser, Jiffy Mart's general manager.

The Jiffy Pet Wash was manufactured by All Paws of CCSI International Inc.

Jiffy Mart operates four convenience stores in Carroll County, Md.